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Fuzzy Forensics: DNA Fingerprinting Gets Wild by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Major Writerly Milestone Ahead!

I am on my way to Toronto today to attend the Lane Anderson Award dinner. Fuzzy Forensics is one of three books on the shortlist in the Young Reader Category, and the winner will be announced tonight! It’s my ... Read More  

Fuzzy Forensics advertising

Sometimes the Data Mining Scares Me…

…because Google’s ad department knows that I was looking up my own books on B&N, which is more than I really want the faceless internet to know about me. I’m a writer, after all. Some of the things I google ... Read More  

How Do Video Games Work? by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Cool Video Game Facts That Didn’t Make the Cut

When I’m working on a book project, I always do more research than I actually have space to include in the text itself. In general, this is a great strategy, because it helps me be confident that I’ve found and ... Read More  

How Do Video Games Work? by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Video Games: Kids Take Control

Tech Support raises his eyebrows over some of the book projects I agree to write. Before I wrote Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, the only things I knew about cars were things I’d learned from Top Gear. And when I agreed ... Read More  

sheltie puppy

Chimeras, Heterochromatism, and Halfsider Parakeets

Cool bird, right? I did some research on chimerism while working on Fuzzy Forensics and Forensic Science: In Pursuit of Justice. A couple of different kinds have been found in humans. The type described in the video, where two ... Read More  

hiding from a T rex

So I Saw Jurassic World….

…and I have thoughts. The special effects are amazing, and I enjoyed the way the film pokes fun at theme parks everywhere – the splash zone at the mosasaur exhibit, the bored teenager running the gyroscope ride, the restaurants and shops ... Read More  

arctic fox

Fox Talk and Fuzzy Forensics: Available to Purchase Once Again!

I’m happy to announce that Fox Talk and Fuzzy Forensics are once more available for purchase online, this time under my very own imprint, Alopex Editions! Alopex is from the Greek word for “fox.” It used to be the ... Read More  

Fuzzy Forensics: DNA Fingerprinting Gets Wild by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Fuzzy Forensics Wins an INDIEFAB Award!

  Fuzzy Forensics won a Silver Medal in the 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards!! Over 1500 books were submitted to the various categories, so I’m thrilled, to say the least. Unfortunately… The publisher of both Fuzzy Forensics and ... Read More  

How Do Video Games Work? by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

A Whirlwind of Awesome

Kind of a lot has happened lately and from the looks of things, the rest of the summer will be busy too. Quick announcements today before I dive back into my newest science project. 1) In Halifax this weekend? ... Read More  

What Are Programs and Apps? by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

New Books, New Books!

One of the things I love most about writing kid’s books is having the chance to explore new topics. My next books, for beginning readers in grades K-2, were a big stretch for me, but a ton of fun ... Read More  

border collie

New Research on Date of Dog Domestication

Some people hate the fact that scientists are always changing their minds about stuff. Eggs are healthy! Eggs are bad for you! No wait, not actually that bad after all! *facepalm* I have no problem with this kind of ... Read More  

The author's grandfather reads her book

100% of the Author’s Grandfathers Agree That Forensic Science is the Best

I’m still on the road but hope to resume regular posting next week. See you soon! Read More  

Humpback Whale Migration by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Grey Whale Sets New Mammal Migration Record

A grey whale named Vavara has just set a new migration record – she traveled from Russia to Mexico and back in 172 days, a total distance of 13,988 miles (22,511 km). A humpback whale was the previous record holder, ... Read More  

cable retrieving tool

Mad MacGyver Monday

Fellow children of the 80s, do you remember MacGyver? For anyone who doesn’t, MacGyver was about a scientist who routinely saved the world by (for example), diffusing bombs with nothing but some duct tape and a peanut M&M. I ... Read More  

Locust Migration by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Conquest of the Skies: The Nature Documentary Reaches New Heights

I have become the biggest fan of David Attenborough’s nature documentaries. The science is always fascinating and the photography is better than anything I’ve ever seen, in both content and image quality. Conquest of the Skies takes these qualities ... Read More  

Forensic Science: In Pursuit of Justice by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

It’s Book Signing Day!

I’m at Chapters in Dartmouth today, signing copies of Forensic Science, Fuzzy Forensics, and Fox Talk. If you’re in the vicinity, come on down between 12:00 and 2:00 pm and say hello! If you’re not, have a great weekend, and ... Read More  

Ann Hermanson wearing a Milwaukee brace

Bracing for Scoliosis: It Really Does Work

Although many days I wish I didn’t, I remember quite clearly what it was like to be in junior high: looking fine when I checked the mirror in the morning, only to discover at lunch that a zit the size ... Read More  

Spring Break Into Science Party

Spring Break Into Science is Today!

Come hang with me and my author friends on Facebook today! Fun science, book talk, and a chance to win great prizes. The event is public, so no “friending” is necessary. See you there! Read More