Mad MacGyver Monday

March 30, 2015

Fellow children of the 80s, do you remember MacGyver? For anyone who doesn’t, MacGyver was about a scientist who routinely saved the world by (for example), diffusing bombs with nothing but some duct tape and a peanut M&M.

I feel I have lived up to the MacGyver legacy this morning. When I dusted yesterday, the cables that attach my laptop to my external monitor and keyboard (thus dramatically increasing the ergonomics of my workspace) fell below the desk. This morning, I pulled them up through the very narrow space behind the desktop using a handy retrieval tool made from a wire coat hanger (patent pending).

The plastic hanger was ill-equipped for this task.

The plastic hanger was ill-equipped for this task.

I think the moral of this story is that engineering is cool. Or possibly thank goodness I’d taken a suit to the dry cleaners recently, as all my hangers are plastic. Or, more likely, that we should all stop dusting right now, as no good will ever come of it.

Happy MacGyver Monday, everyone!

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