Fox Talk and Fuzzy Forensics: Available to Purchase Once Again!

July 8, 2015

Photo by John Nagy

Photo by John Nagy

I’m happy to announce that Fox Talk and Fuzzy Forensics are once more available for purchase online, this time under my very own imprint, Alopex Editions!

Alopex is from the Greek word for “fox.” It used to be the genus name of the arctic fox: Alopex lagopus, meaning “hairy-footed fox,” because they are the only species of fox with fur on the pads of their feet as well as between their toes. Arctic foxes (now often called Vulpes lagopus because of their close relationship with red foxes, Vulpes vulpes) were one of the species I studied for my PhD, so it seemed natural to bring them along in this new chapter of my authorial adventure.

For mysterious reasons, cover art for new books gets updated more slowly than all the rest of the info, so the listings aren’t very pretty yet. Rest assured that any copy you order through an online retailer will have a lovely cover all the same. 🙂 I’ve also noticed that Amazon and Chapters have the listings up now, but Barnes & Noble and Indiebound don’t – I’ll post those links when they’re ready.

I still have hardcover and paperback copies of both books in the original Ashby editions and I’m offering discounts on bulk orders for schools, libraries, science camps, birthday parties, and any other use you can imagine. Contact me for pricing and shipping details on those.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and these books over the last couple of years!

Fox Talk on Amazon, Chapters

Fuzzy Forensics on Amazon, Chapters

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  1. Good news, Lindsey! The meaning behind the word “Alopex” is also interesting.

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    1. Thanks, Eva!

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