Thoughts on Returning from Aquaman

Scene: Lindsey and Tech Support driving home after seeing Aquaman Lindsey: I want my very own angry seahorse. Tech Support: I thought you wanted a bioluminescent octopus to play the drums for you. Lindsey: Yes. To play the drums while I ride my angry seahorse. Tech Support: Like Guitar Guy from Fury Road. Lindsey: Exactly. Tech Support: And all the manta rays are yelling “WITNESS ME!!” This is why we’re married.

Tidying Secrets I Did Not Learn From Marie Kondo

Like most people with a social media account, I’ve been exposed to a lot of Marie Kondo over the last couple of weeks. Since a high proportion of my online friends are either writers or avid readers, a lot of that reaction has been on the negative-to-downright-enraged side, due to the rumour that Kondo will only let you keep your 30 favourite books. She never actually said that. She did say that it’s not for her to tell you what brings you joy, and if books make you happy, keep them. (Just not the ones that you feel like...

Why I’ll (Probably) Never Write a “Real” Book

“So when are you going to write a real book?” Children’s writers in my audience are probably groaning right now, because this is a question we’ve all been asked at least once. Most of us come back with an expression of comically-exaggerated confusion and something along the lines of “As opposed to all of the imaginary ones?” Inside, though, we are typically seething with rage or welling up with existential despair, because what the questioner really means is “When are you going to write a book for adults?” The implication, of course, being that books for kids are in...