April Showers Indeed

April 26, 2019


It’s a grey, rainy Friday and I’m seriously tempted to go back to bed until spring shows up. I’m also feeling very grateful that I live in an area that is not seriously affected by flooding, and a great deal of helpless compassion for those in Ontario and Quebec who are not so lucky. And a lot of rage for people who continue to deny that climate change, which affects patterns of precipitation as well as temperature, is a thing.

Spring in Alberta, the day after the former NDP government was elected (sob). Despite what some US senators will tell you, unseasonable snowfalls can actually be a RESULT of climate change.

Especially after reading A Farewell to Ice, by Peter Wadhams, which includes some truly terrifying data about the melting of Arctic sea ice and the impact it will have around the world.

And even more especially after reading that the Ford government’s new budget cancelled the 50 Million Tree Project. Healthy forests remove CO2 from the atmosphere – they’re one of the only ways we currently have to get greenhouse gases out of the air.

Feeling the rage is easy. Figuring out how to translate it into effective action is a little less so, particularly when you’re also feeling paralyzed by the scale of the problem. Suggestions are welcome.


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