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Ross drinks the fat

Drinking The Fat: Adventures in Alternative Health Care

Have you ever had a back spasm so bad you couldn’t stand up straight? I have. I was bent over in an L-shape for about a week, in the kind of pain where you decide it’s better go hungry ... Read More  

little boy in a box

Toys Do Not Have Genders!!

Was anyone else infuriated when Lego introduced “Lego for girls”? I was. Original Lego is in bright primary colours, encourages kids to use their imaginations, teaches basic engineering skills, and is filled with characters that storm castles and conquer ... Read More  

Fox Talk: How Some Very Special Animals Helped Scientists Understand Communication by LE Carmichael Book Cover

Click Bait, Science Style

  Some seriously cool stuff has been happening in the world of science lately, so instead of listening to me blather, check out some of these stories: Gene therapy restores sight in people with eye disease Found: A lost ... Read More  

Fox Talk book launch

Public Speaking: No Longer a Fate Worse Than Death

There’s a popular saying that people fear public speaking more than death. This claim is supported neither by statistics nor evolution (we’re hardwired to fear spiders and snakes and other critters that can kill us), but it feels true for ... Read More  

cover of Namesake

Amy’s Marathon of Books: Namesake, by Sue MacLeod

The Booke of Prayre is tiny, beautiful, and incredibly old. Jane Grey has no idea how it got mixed up with her library books. She reads a passage aloud and slips back in time to Tudor England. There, she comes face ... Read More  

Fox Talk: How Some Very Special Animals Helped Scientists Understand Communication by LE Carmichael Book Cover

Speaking of Human Animal Communication….

….can anyone NOT guess exactly which word this penguin is using? Today’s the launch of the Fox Talk blog tour! Visit Mother Daughter Book Reviews for the launch post, and Books Direct for my first author interview. I ... Read More  

bathroom stall

The World’s Worst Superpower

If you could have any superpower, which one would you pick – speed, x-ray vision, telekinesis? I’ve got the power of invisibility, and I can tell you, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Probably because in my case, ... Read More  

cover of Namesake

Amy’s Marathon of Books (And Mine!)

Amy’s Marathon of Books began January 1, and as promised, I’m going along for the ride. I’ll be reading 13 Canadian teen books, one from each province and territory in the country. Here’s my schedule so far: Nova Scotia ... Read More  


The Dichotomous Key of Tea

It’s no secret that caffeine is a major food group for writers, and my favourite source is chocolate tea. The current contents of my tea cupboard:   organized in descending order of caffeine content, because the scientist in me ... Read More  

Lindsey getting crafty

Being A Girl – I Think I’m Doing it Wrong

From 1-4 this afternoon, I’m taking part in a “pet expert” event at Pet Valu and Groomingdales in Bedford, Nova Scotia, and rather than thinking about foxes and domestication, which I should be doing to prepare, I’ve spent all ... Read More  

Jagular taking a nap

Please Send Naps

I have just submitted my second manuscript of the week and I’m completely knackered. Proper posting will resume on Saturday! Hope you’re all hanging in there. 🙂 Read More  

dried up Christmas tree

Yet Another Thing That Didn’t Happen Today, Due to Deadline

How about you? Are your decorations still hanging on like the Ghost of Christmas Past? I hope I’m not the only one!  Read More  

Sue the T-Rex

Now the Circle is Complete -or- A Belated Dinosaur Christmas Gift

Today’s post isn’t mine – it belongs to paleontologist Dr. Matt Bonnan, who graciously gave me permission to share it here. There is a ton of very cool stuff on his blog The Evolving Paleontologist, and you should definitely ... Read More  

skull reflected in cornea

Crime-Fighting Corneas

So you know how when you take a picture of someone, you (or someone standing close to you) is sometimes reflected in their eyes? Forensic scientists are working on a technique for identifying bystanders based on this reflection. The ... Read More  

Living With Scoliosis by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Coming This Year to a Bookstore Near You – Stuff I Wrote!

First – apologies for the weirdness over the previous week. Hackers hit the site December 29, but since the back end was working, I didn’t realize there was a problem until I tried to post Thursday. Fortunately, I had ... Read More  


Happy 2014, Apparently!

Things have been pretty lame quiet around here, due to a looming January 13th deadline, although I did treat myself to two whole days off over Christmas and Boxing Day. Though I’m not sure it counts as time off ... Read More  

Merry Christmas from cats

See You in 2014!

In the spirit of cutting myself a break at this hectic time of year, I’m stepping away from the internet for a couple of days. Regular posting schedule resumes January 2. Thank you so much to everyone who supported ... Read More  

sunset over a lake

Turning Towards the Light

It’s the winter solstice today – the shortest day of the year – a day of transition and rebirth. The earth is turning from darkness back into the light, and so it’s a day of hope. A promise that, ... Read More