Is Anyone Still Watching Agents of SHIELD?

February 12, 2015

agents of shield

I’m drowning in the week that never ends over here, so I’m throwing this out as a topic for general discussion. I started watching SHIELD because I love anything connected to Joss Whedon, no matter how tangentially. Season 1 was slow to get started, but I hung in there, because I figured things would pick up when the show found its feet (season 1 of Buffy is by far the weakest, after all).

Most of the way through season 2, though, I’m starting to feel like SHIELD will never be able to run, due to a continuing lack of foot-like-appendages. Worst of all, I’ve missed the last couple episodes and feel no need to catch up. A definite sign that, for me at least, it’s over.

What about you? Have you been watching SHIELD? Do you feel the show’s getting stronger, or has it failed to capture you? What totally amazing series should I be watching instead? Share in the comments!



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