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book pages forming a heart

Amy’s Marathon of Books

A couple weeks ago I got an email from the Canadian Children’s Book Centre about Amy’s Marathon of Books. Inspired by Canadian icons Terry Fox and Rick Hansen, Amy plans to read 356 young adult books by Canadian authors ... Read More  


The World is Just Awesome…

…and I really wish this commercial was still on TV, because every time I see it, I fill up with both laughter and tears. At this hectic time of year, take a moment to slow down and look at ... Read More  

Beary Christmoose album cover

We Wish You a Beary Christmoose… and a Happy Reindeer!

Last week I talked about my enduring Christmasy love for the Muppets – today I want to share a lesser-known but equally-brilliant Christmas album: Beary Christmoose. I will never forget the day I discovered this Christmas fruitcake of a ... Read More  

bookstore shelves

The Final Piece of Evidence

So I’m browsing through the kid’s section at Chapters today, and I see a man, mid-thirties, staring at the shelves with the kind of panic I well remember from my former life as a bookmonger. Naturally, I eavesdropped: Salesperson: ... Read More  

Humpback Whale Migration by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover


I’ve loved orcas ever since I first read Kilroy and the Gull, by Nathaniel Benchley. It’s about a young killer whale who’s captured and taken to an aquarium. He makes friends with a seagull named Morris, and together they ... Read More  

John Denver and the Muppets album cover

Because It’s Not Christmas Without Muppets

We bought our Christmas tree last weekend, and it’s been standing around in its altogether ever since, as Tech Support was out of town. But Alfie’s about to get dressed up in his best, and so we’re blasting this ... Read More  

Pete's Dragon movie poster

You Know You’ve Been Friends a Long Time When…

…you have this conversation in texting: Me: How are things? Sister of the Traveling Chocolate: Sitting in the pediatrician’s office with the kidlet. Since when is Elliot a girl’s name? Me: Um. Elliot is a dragon’s name, actually. STC: ... Read More  

stuffed beaver

The Beaver Always Gives a Dam

I live on a forested lot on the edge of a swamp wetland, and a few days back, Tech Support ran into my office in full-on muppet flail shouting, “There’s a beaver swimming up the creek!” So we put our rubber ... Read More  

bath and body works collection

Is There a 12-Step Program for Bath and Body Works Addiction?

There are certain types of shops that I’m not allowed to enter unsupervised. Bookstores, of course – I have absolutely no resistance to shiny new books, despite the fact that I’ve got a year’s worth of unread tomes already ... Read More  

Fox Talk event listing

Book Launch Tomorrow!

If you’re in the Halifax area, it’s a PD day for the schools, so bring your kids! There will be snacks and a special guest dog to help me do communication demos. Should be a blast. Read More  

boy holding a protest sign demanding peer review

Sci/Why = Awesome

The Week of Mayhem is back for round 2, so for this Mad Scientist Monday, I direct you to Sci/Why, a group blog written by an amazing team of Canadian children’s science writers. There’s a really diverse range of ... Read More  

Ross and Rachel in hospital

The One Where Tech Support Watched Friends, and Laughed Hysterically About the Props

So I’ve been re-watching Friends on DVD, which is a thing I do every couple years. I went to high school and university in the 1990s, after all, and I still catch myself using Chandlerisms like “That is so ... Read More  

reflections of tree branches

The Week of Mayhem

I’m on the 18th day of a 19th day work week, and there is very little brain left for blogging. Therefore, cute animals! Enjoy. 🙂 Read More  

Object-choice experiment

Elephants Get the Point, Too

In Fox Talk, I describe experiments done on wolves and dogs and domestic foxes, to test their ability to understand human pointing gestures. Comparisons showed that dogs and foxes are better at using human body language, even without prior ... Read More  

cat stretching

The Cutest Mammals in the World

There are a lot of contenders for world’s cutest mammal. My cats, to begin with, who not only know they are cute, but who will periodically do something cute, then glance over at me to see if I’ve noticed, ... Read More  

Fox Talk: How Some Very Special Animals Helped Scientists Understand Communication by LE Carmichael Book Cover

Fox Talk on TV!

Thanks so much to Crystal Garrett and the Global Morning News for inviting me to talk about foxes on the show! It was a lot of fun and over so quickly I didn’t have time to get nervous, which ... Read More  

Remembering Korea

Science stuff will return for next week’s Mad Scientist Monday – today, in honour of Remembrance Day, I want to talk about my grandpa. This is him – Stan Carmichael, who served with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry ... Read More  

pool shark

They’re Coming to Get Me

As if Sharknado weren’t bad enough, the actual, real life sharks are headed this way. A great white was caught in the Bay of Fundy in 2011, and a white tagged in Florida was just tracked to the coast ... Read More