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Aquaman movie poster

Thoughts on Returning from Aquaman

Scene: Lindsey and Tech Support driving home after seeing Aquaman Lindsey: I want my very own angry seahorse. Tech Support: I thought you wanted a bioluminescent octopus to play the drums for you. Lindsey: Yes. To play the drums ... Read More  

Lindsey wearing a pumpkin hat

Today I Am Thankful for Science

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! You know that thing on sitcoms where everyone sits in a circle and awkwardly says what they are thankful for? Let’s do that thing. Today I am thankful for science: for Banting and Best, Canadian ... Read More  

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Why Tech Support is Cranky

Tech Support is cranky. When we decided to move to Ontario, our primary concerns were: Being close enough to Toronto to get there if we wanted, but far enough away that the hordes of people wouldn’t make me too ... Read More  

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Scenes From My Kitchen: A Musical

Me: *stumbles downstairs in the morning to find kitchen a hive of activity* Tech Support: Morning! I did the thing and the stuff and that other thing, and all that jazz. Me: *channeling Catherine Zeta Jones* Come with me, ... Read More  

making candied bacon

A Total Husband Thing to Do

Me: Can you stop at the grocery store on your way home? Tech Support: Sure! Me: There are only three items. Here’s a list. *Tech Support takes list, exits* *Tech Support returns several hours later with four full grocery ... Read More  

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How The Princess Bride Landed Me a Husband

Tech Support and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last week, which is actually a bigger accomplishment than it sounds like because we dated for 13 years before tying the knot. We wanted to be really, really sure. 😛 We ... Read More  

deep snow

The Maiden Voyage of the HMS Icebear

So it turns out Tech Support was right. A canoe CAN be used as an icebreaker. Provided the ice is only about 1 cm thick, and you’re willing to back up repeatedly in order to generate fresh momentum. The ... Read More  

deep snow

Conversations with Tech Support

Tech Support stares out the window at the lake behind the house. Tech Support: Looks like the lake re-froze over night. Me: Yup. Tech Support: I bet it’s thin enough that the canoe could double as an icebreaker. Me: *about ... Read More  

How to Train Your Dragon

Why I Married Tech Support

Me: So tomorrow’s Flights of Fantasy Saturday on my blog. What should I write about? Tech Support: (immediately) Bone dragons. Me: ….bone dragons? Tech Support: Yeah. Like how do they fly? Doesn’t the wind go through their wings? And ... Read More  

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Tech Support is My Hero

Not only does he bring me food when I’m on deadline, but he carries my boxes to events and mans the table when I’m otherwise occupied. And then there was that time we witnessed a car crash and he ... Read More  

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Sweet Dreams Are Probably Not Made of This

Tech Support: How’d you sleep? Me: Not good. Dreamed that I was horribly late for work because a breaker flipped and it was pitch black and no one would go re-flip it. Tech Support: Huh. Me: Plus I couldn’t ... Read More  

making candied bacon

Everything is Better With Bacon

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll know that I’ve given up sugar for health reasons.∗ Finding sugar in table salt was the biggest shock, but easy to work around. Then I found out that there’s sugar in bacon. ... Read More  

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Reason I Love My Husband, #38

Me: So I have a question. Tech Support: Why is “trot” a speed but “the trots” something else entirely? Me: *falls over helplessly giggling like an 8-year-old* (Ironically, my question did in fact relate to horses, but that wasn’t it!) ... Read More  

moose in snow

Random Acts of Irony: Mythic Moose

So Tech Support was working up in Cape Breton and called me while driving* the Cabot Trail. Me: (jealously) Seen any good animals this trip? Tech Support: (ranty) You know, everywhere I’ve stopped people keep saying “Oh, watch out ... Read More