Why Tech Support is Cranky

February 15, 2018

Tech Support is cranky.

When we decided to move to Ontario, our primary concerns were:

  1. Being close enough to Toronto to get there if we wanted, but far enough away that the hordes of people wouldn’t make me too ragey
  2. Being close enough to Toronto to get there when we needed, while still being able to afford a house.


When we researched the town we now live in, we thought we’d lucked out. Everyone we talked to told us how nice the climate is in this part of Ontario – mild winters, very little snow.

Not everyone minds the weather…

After weeks of temperatures below -20C and driveway-adjacent snow piles that have already topped 4 feet, Tech Support feels he’s been had.

It doesn’t help that we are still in that phase of moving in where the garage is full of stuff we haven’t figured out what to do with yet, meaning he’s been shovelling AROUND the vehicles on the driveway instead of pushing the snowblower over a nice, easy rectangle and going about his business. Or that we came from a place where rain routinely melted all the snow before you actually had to do anything about it.

Now people are telling us that this winter has been “very unusual.” I don’t think Tech Support believes them.

How’s the weather been where you live?

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  1. Tell Tech Support that this has been the craziest winter I’ve experienced since I moved to Ontario. We usually get some snow, mostly that melts before we have to shovel and the temp never drops to anywhere near -20 for such a long period of time. I feel like I’ve closed my eyes and the earth rotated. Honestly, it’s weird.

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    1. I’m glad to hear it’s weird, because I am having some serious Alberta flash backs and I am not happy about it!

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