Sweet Dreams Are Probably Not Made of This

September 19, 2015

This lovely image courtesy of CC MacKenzie via Flickr

CC MacKenzie via Flickr

Tech Support: How’d you sleep?

Me: Not good. Dreamed that I was horribly late for work because a breaker flipped and it was pitch black and no one would go re-flip it.

Tech Support: Huh.

Me: Plus I couldn’t have breakfast because my dad, who mysteriously lived with us, served all of my rice milk to the mafia when the Godfather and his friends came to visit.

Tech Support: I’ve heard the mafia is lactose intolerant.

Me: Right? How’d you sleep?

Tech Support: I dreamed that 170 kids showed up for Halloween and we were giving them grapes.

Me: They probably didn’t like that.

Tech Support: Nope. Especially since we only had one bunch so each kid got a single grape.

Me: Still better than toothbrushes.

Tech Support: Trick or Treat.

Hope your sleep has been sweeter than ours! Have a great weekend, all.

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