Random Acts of Irony: Mythic Moose

February 20, 2014

So Tech Support was working up in Cape Breton and called me while driving* the Cabot Trail.

moose cropMe: (jealously) Seen any good animals this trip?

Tech Support: (ranty) You know, everywhere I’ve stopped people keep saying “Oh, watch out for moose, watch out for moose,” and I haven’t seen a single one!

Me: (secretly glad) No moose, huh?

Tech Support: (bitterly) Not. One. Moose. I swear, I’m starting to think these moose are mythic–OH, BAD WORD!!

Me: (mildly panicked) You OK over there?

Tech Support: (laughing hysterically) I did not hit the moose.

How about you – any wildlife sightings today? 🙂

* He’s got a headset and hands-free calling, so this was less dangerous than it sounds. Also, this is a guy who routinely sees wolves and bears and wolverines and mountain lions, but only when I’m not with him.

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