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cover of The Boreal Forest by L. E. Carmichael

Red Cedar Nomination and a New Presentation!

The Boreal Forest has been nominated for a Red Cedar Award! The Red Cedars are British Columbia's children's choice awards, and I am SO EXCITED to know that kids across British Columbia will be reading my book this school ... Read More  

Lindsey helps students do forensic experiments

Work-to-Rule Is Costing Me Money, But I Stand With Nova Scotia Teachers

Back in September, I got some pretty fantastic news. More schools had booked me as a guest speaker than any other author in Nova Scotia’s Writers in the Schools Program. Including the inimitable Don Aker, a fact so shocking ... Read More  

Lindsey presents to elementary students

I Survived Science Literacy Week… Mostly

It was Science Literacy Week last week, a Canada wide celebration of science and science books. *emerges from whirlwind* *plucks twigs from hair* *empties biscuit crumbs from pockets* *collapses in heap*   I visited one school and three branches ... Read More  

Lindsey presents on forensic science

Back to School = AUUUUUGGGH!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when proud┬ákindergardeners and tearful parents say goodbye. The time of new clothes and annual teeth cleanings, and mattresses piled up outside of college dorms. The time when my schedule goes ... Read More  

Lindsey Carmichael and her grandmother

What I Did on My Summer “Vacation”

Presented at a library conference (librarians rock!). Did two school visits (kids rock, too!). Attended the AGM of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. Talked to a university student doing research on literature and Canadian identity. Sold books at ... Read More  

Lindsey presents to student writers

Crazy Awesome (Busy) Week…

Because I spent two days doing this with the awesome kids of Pine Ridge Middle School. We had a lot of fun talking about┬áthe books that have an impact on us, then practiced techniques for having that kind of ... Read More  

Lindsey helps students do forensic experiments

So I Did This Yesterday…

And now I am exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. Have a great weekend, everyone! Read More  

Lindsey helps students do forensic experiments

Six Reasons (Science) Writers Should Be in Schools

I attended junior high in Yellowknife, which is not the most isolated place in Canada, but definitely felt like it sometimes. Fortunately, the school library was huge, and offered a portal to endless worlds I couldn’t visit in the ... Read More  

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I Have No Idea What Happened to the Last Two Weeks

Actually, that’s totally untrue. I know exactly what happened. 1) I had company 2) I finished the first draft of my novel 3) I spent a full day talking about forensics at a local junior/senior high 4) I researched ... Read More  

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Foxes Go to School

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting Shatford Memorial Elementary, where I got to share my love of domestic foxes with the grade 3/4 and grade 5/6 classes. We rocked out to “What Does the Fox Say?” and ... Read More