What I Did on My Summer “Vacation”

July 11, 2016

    • Presented at a library conference (librarians rock!).
    • Did two school visits (kids rock, too!).
    • Attended the AGM of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia.
    • Talked to a university student doing research on literature and Canadian identity.
    • Sold books at a homeschooler’s conference.
    • Hosted my YA book club’s pot luck.
    • Hung out with a good friend from high school I hadn’t seen in a while, and laughed so hard it hurt.
    • Spent hours on the phone with Apple, without actually fixing my problems.
    • Went to the dentist.
    • Consulted with a cross-border accountant.
    • Endured back spasm. Watched a lot of Netflix without moving my neck.
    • Interviewed for a Nexus card, just in time to cross the border.
    • Crossed the border
      • Flew to Austin
      • Got briefly lost driving to San Antonio
      • Ate the world’s best crab cake (more on that later)
      • Helped my Grandma clean out her spice cupboard (a lot more fun than it sounds!)
      • Flew to Denver
      • Climbed around Red Rocks Amphitheatre, saw James Taylor’s guitar, got absolutely drenched
      • Hung out with the American branch of the family on the Fourth of July
  • Flew home with an American cold virus
Me and my Grandma

Me and my Grandma


“Taking a month off” is clearly not a concept I grasp… Perhaps I aimed too high. For the rest of the summer, my revised goal shall be “go outside when the sun is shining.”

Speaking of which… *goes outside*

What have you been up to for the last few weeks? Share in the comments!

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