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candy cane cookies

Merry COVID Christmas: On the Value of Traditions in the Worst of Times

Last week was tough, you guys. Last week I told a friend I haven't seen in over two years not to fly out for the holidays, because omicron is blowing up in Ontario and it wasn't safe for her ... Read More  

bath and body works collection

How You Can Tell It’s the Holiday Season at My House

I switched from “all season” Bath and Body Works products to Twisted Peppermint, which smells exactly like candy canes and is therefore just plain weird at other times of the year. I’ve also been listening to John Denver and The ... Read More  

John Denver and the Muppets album cover

Christmas Songs, Christmas Covers

My family was never particularly religious, but we always celebrated Christmas. And one of our favourite holiday traditions was playing Christmas carols. While some Christmas songs are so irritating that I practically punch holes in my car’s dashboard attempting to ... Read More  


My First Sugar Free Christmas – Butterhorns Edition

As readers will know, I had to give up refined sugar this year. After the initial cupboard-purge, it’s been easier than I thought it would be. But now it’s Christmas. And part of the fun of Christmas is food – ... Read More  

Christmas decorations

Unpacking Christmas Memories

One of my favourite things about December is decorating for Christmas. My decorations are relatively modest, and there’s no unifying sense of style or flair. My house would never be featured in a decorating magazine, but every item I ... Read More  

Stan Carmichael in uniform

The Day After Remembrance Day

It’s the day after Remembrance Day, and people are swapping their poppies for Christmas lights. People are. Retailers have been selling decorations and streaming carols for a while now. Especially retailers named Costco. I don’t know about you, but ... Read More  

dried up Christmas tree

Yet Another Thing That Didn’t Happen Today, Due to Deadline

How about you? Are your decorations still hanging on like the Ghost of Christmas Past? I hope I’m not the only one!  Read More  

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Turning Towards the Light

It’s the winter solstice today – the shortest day of the year – a day of transition and rebirth. The earth is turning from darkness back into the light, and so it’s a day of hope. A promise that, ... Read More