How You Can Tell It’s the Holiday Season at My House

November 22, 2018

My Bath and Body Works stockpile – because a zombie apocalypse is no reason not to smell nice.

I switched from “all season” Bath and Body Works products to Twisted Peppermint, which smells exactly like candy canes and is therefore just plain weird at other times of the year.

I’ve also been listening to John Denver and The Muppets. And The Muppet’s A Red and Green Christmas. And the soundtrack to A Muppet Christmas Carol. Because nothing puts you in the holiday mood like The Muppets.

Yes, it’s a little early – I usually wait until December 1 before succumbing to the season. But it’s been a rough couple months, and sometimes we need to soothe ourselves in any way we can.

What about you? Are you an early adopter, or a holiday avoider? How do you usher in the season?

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