Yet Another Thing That Didn’t Happen Today, Due to Deadline

January 11, 2014

I'm so sorry, Alfie....

I’m so sorry, Alfie….

How about you? Are your decorations still hanging on like the Ghost of Christmas Past? I hope I’m not the only one! 

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  1. Alas, Alfie reminds me of the seedlings of which I was so fond, years ago. A dozen baby Norfolk pines, each barely an inch tall. They shared a pot in my office. As I was rushing out one evening, long past normal quitting time (as usual), I glanced at the pot and thought, “I should water you.” But it was late, and the soil in the pot looked dark, and I thought, “you’ll be okay until morning.”
    Next morning, the baby trees were dry and brown. Only one of the twelve survived. I still feel guilty.
    Deadlines. Which ones are _truly_ important?

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    1. Paula, that’s a terrible story! I’m experiencing some vicarious grief for your little seedlings right now. And I totally take your point – a goal for this year is to find some more balance. I love my work, but it can’t be my life.

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  2. Nope, you’re not the only one. We have a fake tree, so it’s not so messy. 😉 With all the family stuff I had last week, the tree just hasn’t been stripped and boxed for the attic yet. This week… I keep telling myself that.

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    1. Yeah, ours is still up, but I think tonight is finally the night!

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