And the Crow Came Back…

May 26, 2014

Quork smallThis is Quork. Quork has visited our window every summer since we moved in. He hops around on the roof, chirping and squawking and trilling. Then he pulls back his wings and PECKS the glass so hard, I’ve wondered more than once if the cats were going to have a brand new indoor friend to play with.

We have not yet figured out whether Quork:

  1. sees his reflection and thinks it’s a lovely lady raven he’d like to impress
  2. sees his reflection and thinks it’s a rival male he needs to scare off
  3. sees through the glass to my collection of children’s and YA literature and just wants to borrow something to read.

The day we got really nervous was the day Quork brought a friend with him. A friend we named Edgar, because, well. How do you not?

Raven stories of your own? Share them in the comments. And for more cool facts about the corvid family of really weird birds, check out 19 Reasons Why the Crow Should Be Your New Favorite Animal.


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