Because It’s Not Christmas Without Muppets

December 7, 2013

We bought our Christmas tree last weekend, and it’s been standing around in its altogether ever since, as Tech Support was out of town. But Alfie’s about to get dressed up in his best, and so we’re blasting this throughout the house:

JD and Muppets

Track 11 (Medly) is in fact the reason our tree has a name… well, that and the fact that we name every living thing that wanders past our house more than once. But Track 11 is the reason our tree is named Alfie – after a tree that urges us to remember the natural world in our Christmas thoughts of peace and harmony. I dig this, what with being a biologist.

In truth, though, I dig this whole album. I love the funny bits (can any version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” top Miss Piggy singing “fiiiiive, gooooooolden riiiiiiings”?). And I love the sweet bits. “The Peace Carol” and “The Christmas Wish” are some of the most beautiful carols I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard Michael Crawford singing “Oh Holy Night.” If you’ve got kids in your house, or you loved the Muppets when you were a kid, this album is a must.

So is this movie:

Muppet Christmas

Out of all the film versions of A Christmas Carol, this is the only one in which Charles Dickens is played by the Great Gonzo. It’s sweet and funny and packed with more amazing songs and it never fails to spark a little Christmas spirit. If you’re having a hard time finding the holiday groove this year, check it out.

Do you put up a Christmas tree? Is decorating for the season a joy or a curse? What sights or songs or smells never fail to put you in the holiday spirit?

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