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Lindt bunnies and eggs

Happy Chocolate Monday, Everyone!

My family is not particularly religious, so when I was a kid, Easter was more about presents than prayer. My brother and I looked forward to getting new books to read and never quite figured out why my grandparents ... Read More  

Beaker and Honeydew

Mad Science in the Movies

By a strange twist of fate, I’ve been reading and watching a lot of stories that feature scientists lately, and I have determined that there are only two types of scientists in fiction: 1) The mostly-harmless/absent-minded professor/mad scientist type ... Read More  

John Denver and the Muppets album cover

Because It’s Not Christmas Without Muppets

We bought our Christmas tree last weekend, and it’s been standing around in its altogether ever since, as Tech Support was out of town. But Alfie’s about to get dressed up in his best, and so we’re blasting this ... Read More