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bath and body works collection

How You Can Tell It’s the Holiday Season at My House

I switched from “all season” Bath and Body Works products to Twisted Peppermint, which smells exactly like candy canes and is therefore just plain weird at other times of the year. I’ve also been listening to John Denver and The ... Read More  

John Denver and the Muppets album cover

Christmas Songs, Christmas Covers

My family was never particularly religious, but we always celebrated Christmas. And one of our favourite holiday traditions was playing Christmas carols. While some Christmas songs are so irritating that I practically punch holes in my car’s dashboard attempting to ... Read More  

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Twelve Days of Stuff That’s Hard to Wrap

I confess – I am not a fan of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” In addition to being one of those Christmas carols that never seems to end (all due respect to Lamb Chop), it just makes no sense. ... Read More  

John Denver and the Muppets album cover

Because It’s Not Christmas Without Muppets

We bought our Christmas tree last weekend, and it’s been standing around in its altogether ever since, as Tech Support was out of town. But Alfie’s about to get dressed up in his best, and so we’re blasting this ... Read More