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Wolves for World Wildlife Day, March 3, 2023

Wolves for World Wildlife Day

All across the boreal forests of Canada, wolves look for the same things: clean water, safe dens, and places where deer or moose are plentiful. When wolves find everything they need in one area, they establish a territory, and ... Read More  

raven in a window

Raven Mad Daze

Raven Mad Daze was a summer festival that used to take place in Yellowknife. If the memory of my junior-high-aged self can be trusted, it happened on┬áthe summer solstice, when it’s just as light at midnight as it is ... Read More  

ant walking on water

The Ants Go Marching

Rainy weather aside, it’s summer in Nova Scotia, which means one thing…. ANTS. Our house is on a wooded lot, which means we share our yard with birds, deer, beavers, and insects. I have no problem with this – ... Read More  

raven in a window

And the Crow Came Back…

This is Quork. Quork has visited our window every summer since we moved in. He hops around on the roof, chirping and squawking and trilling. Then he pulls back his wings and PECKS the glass so hard, I’ve wondered ... Read More