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Jagular taking a nap

So Apparently I Can’t Write Intelligently About Science at 5PM

Because it’s been a long day already and I’ve been staring blankly at the screen for ten minutes, thinking about naps instead of typing. But all is not lost, because I have science writing friends. I highly recommend Sci/Why, ... Read More  

cat napping in laundry basket

May Contain Cat

We have two cats, Sasquatch and Jagular, both of whom love to take naps in seriously odd places. Sasquatch once managed to crawl inside the duvet cover, a fact I discovered when I pulled the duvet off the bed to change ... Read More  

reflections of tree branches

Sweet Dreams Are Probably Not Made of This

Tech Support: How’d you sleep? Me: Not good. Dreamed that I was horribly late for work because a breaker flipped and it was pitch black and no one would go re-flip it. Tech Support: Huh. Me: Plus I couldn’t ... Read More  

feeling sick

I Have No Idea What Happened to the Last Two Weeks

Actually, that’s totally untrue. I know exactly what happened. 1) I had company 2) I finished the first draft of my novel 3) I spent a full day talking about forensics at a local junior/senior high 4) I researched ... Read More  

cat snuggles

Declaring a Couch Day

It’s been a really rough week here, physically and mentally. Slipping on the ice was the tip of the ‘berg, unfortunately, and I am done. So I have declared a couch day. It will be me and books and Netflix ... Read More  

sleepy cat snuggles

My Plan For the Long Weekend

Is to do exactly what my cats do everyday! What’s yours? Read More  

Jagular taking a nap

Please Send Naps

I have just submitted my second manuscript of the week and I’m completely knackered. Proper posting will resume on Saturday! Hope you’re all hanging in there. 🙂 Read More