Fox Talk Joins Fox Appeal!

April 4, 2016

Fox AppealI am so pleased to announce that my book Fox Talk is now available to order through Fox Appeal! Fox Appeal is a clothing line inspired by Siberian domesticated foxes Boris and Sophia, so a partnership was a natural fit. This awesome T shirt they make also fits pretty well, although that may not be obvious in the photo due to my rudimentary selfie skills.

Anyway, Boris and Sophia, known as the Siberian Cupcakes, are working as foxy ambassadors in outreach and education programs surrounding domesticated foxes in the USA. Since I harbour a not-so-secret dream of having a domestic fox of my own someday, I am in favour of this. The more people who know how unique and captivating these animals are, the more likely the Canadian government will legalize them as pets!

The Siberian Cupcakes have an Instagram account, which is a good way to lose several hours squeeing over the cuteness. Check out their website for more info on foxy goings on, and for the science behind their domestication, check out Fox Talk.

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  1. We are absolutely honored to offer your amazing book to not only fox lovers, but all animal lovers!!

    Stay foxy!
    Siberian Cupcakes and Fox Appeal!

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    1. Thanks, Amy!

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