You Know You’ve Been Friends a Long Time When…

December 5, 2013

…you have this conversation in texting:

Me: How are things?

Sister of the Traveling Chocolate: Sitting in the pediatrician’s office with the kidlet. Since when is Elliot a girl’s name?

Me: Um. Elliot is a dragon’s name, actually.

STC: I know, right? He has, the head of a camel, the neck of a crocodile –

Me: It sounds rather strange.

STC: He’s both, a fish and a mammal and I hope he’ll never chaaaaange!

Both of us: ROFL.

Do you have conversations like this with your friends, or are we the only ones that talk in movies? Bonus points to anyone who knows what movie this is from!

2 Comments on ‘You Know You’ve Been Friends a Long Time When…’

  1. Pete’s Dragon! Hooray! (My kids called it pizza dragon. Go figure.)
    And yes, our whole family talks movie. Princess Bride. Monty Python. Casablanca. The Dresser.
    Jurassic Park: “I’m fairly alarmed here.”

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    1. Paula for the win!

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