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Pete's Dragon movie poster

Should I See the Live Action Pete’s Dragon?

Want to know how to tell when you’ve been friends with someone for too long? Text exchanges like this one, which I swear is 100% true: Her: I’m in the medicentre. Since when is Elliot a girl’s name? Me: ... Read More  

Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagon

Momalicious Musical Marathon

Musicals are one of my favourite forms of fantasy. After all, stopping in the middle of a gang fight for a spontaneous, perfectly synchronized dance number would be crazy in real life, but in West Side Story, it makes ... Read More  

Pete's Dragon movie poster

You Know You’ve Been Friends a Long Time When…

…you have this conversation in texting: Me: How are things? Sister of the Traveling Chocolate: Sitting in the pediatrician’s office with the kidlet. Since when is Elliot a girl’s name? Me: Um. Elliot is a dragon’s name, actually. STC: ... Read More