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Cover of Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth

New Year’s News Nuggets!

OK, I realize it’s mildly absurd to be writing a Happy New Year post in the middle of February, but here we are, so let’s do this!  New Year’s Resolutions Did you make any? How are they going for ... Read More  


What Three Things Make You Truly Happy?

It's mid-December, and you know what that means: New Year's Resolutions are just around the corner.  I'll be honest. I've never found classic resolutions particularly helpful. In fact, they're more likely to produce feelings of guilt and inadequacy than happiness ... Read More  

the five dollar jar for budgeting

Budgeting in 2016 – An Update on the Five Dollar Jar

Last year Tech Support and I resolved to set tighter limits on our “frivolous” spending. We wanted to direct more money towards our two big financial goals – paying down the mortgage and traveling more. But we needed permission to ... Read More  

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The Only Two New Year’s Resolutions You Actually Need to Make

Like most people probably did, I spent a fair bit of time in December reflecting on 2015 and thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2016. I made a huge list of goals. And then, because I’m nerdy ... Read More  

Five Ways to Make More Awesome This Year

People often tell me they’re amazed by how organized and focused I am, which I find hilariously ironic, because this was my desk* before I left for my Christmas vacation: I am a duck, people – calm on the surface, going ... Read More