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Lindsey dressed to sparkle

I Heard the People Sing at Les Miserables!

I adore musicals. Tech Support is more skeptical of the genre, despite having a deep love of Fiddler on the Roof and Paint Your Wagon. But since he’s a good husband, he took me to Les Mis for Valentine’s Day. ... Read More  

Chicago movie poster

Scenes From My Kitchen: A Musical

Me: *stumbles downstairs in the morning to find kitchen a hive of activity* Tech Support: Morning! I did the thing and the stuff and that other thing, and all that jazz. Me: *channeling Catherine Zeta Jones* Come with me, ... Read More  

Grease movie poster

“Greased Lightning” Is the Perfect Couch Dancing Song

There were two things that my teenaged friends and I ended up doing at nearly every birthday party we had: 1) play Taboo and 2) watch Grease. John Travolta’s piercing blue eyes were definitely part of the appeal. We also ... Read More  

Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagon

Momalicious Musical Marathon

Musicals are one of my favourite forms of fantasy. After all, stopping in the middle of a gang fight for a spontaneous, perfectly synchronized dance number would be crazy in real life, but in West Side Story, it makes ... Read More  

Paint Your Wagon movie poster

Man Musicals: Guaranteed to Cure the Melancholies

I love musicals. I love the singing and the inexplicably synchronized dance numbers and the bigger-than-life stories. They fill me with happy. Tech Support, not so convinced. In fact, I have to give him three days’ warning before my annual ... Read More