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The Only Two New Year’s Resolutions You Actually Need to Make

Like most people probably did, I spent a fair bit of time in December reflecting on 2015 and thinking about what I wanted to achieve in 2016. I made a huge list of goals. And then, because I’m nerdy ... Read More  

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Book Party!

Every year, the Nova Scotia Children’s Literature Roundtable hosts the New Book Bash, a group launch celebrating the year’s releases. Every author gets 5 minutes to talk up their new titles. I’ll be there presenting Gene Therapy, Living With ... Read More  

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Don’t Eat the Marshmallow

One of the most interesting pieces of research I came across while writing Living With Obesity was the Marshmallow Test. Originally conducted by Walter Mischel’s team in the 1960s, the test involved young children and a simple choice: eat ... Read More  

Living With Scoliosis by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

Coming This Year to a Bookstore Near You – Stuff I Wrote!

First – apologies for the weirdness over the previous week. Hackers hit the site December 29, but since the back end was working, I didn’t realize there was a problem until I tried to post Thursday. Fortunately, I had ... Read More  

Living with Obesity by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

This Hour Takes 22 Minutes – Off Your Life

News.  Sit-Coms.  The Discovery Channel.  The latest “reality” drama.   No matter what you’re tuning in to, you might want to turn it off.  According to a 2011 study, television does more than rot your brain: it shortens your ... Read More