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Lindsey and Ted Neely hugging

Throwback Thursday – Jesus Christ Superstar

Confession – when I was a senior in high school, I was totally obsessed with Jesus Christ Superstar. Not the completely dreadful movie version,¬†which I suspect was filmed under the influence of a LOT of mind-altering substances of dubious ... Read More  

chocolate bunnies

The Mendelian Inheritance of Chocolate

As part of our Chocolate Monday celebration, Tech Support brought these Belgian bunnies home from Costco: Normal wives would say something like, “Thanks, honey,” or “Wow, that was a great deal,” or even “Yum.” Mad Scientist wives, however, say, ... Read More  

Lindt bunnies and eggs

Happy Chocolate Monday, Everyone!

My family is not particularly religious, so when I was a kid, Easter was more about presents than prayer. My brother and I looked forward to getting new books to read and never quite figured out why my grandparents ... Read More