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Forensic Science: Not As Seen On TV

Why do TV shows have science consultants when they clearly don’t listen to what their consultants tell them? I have often wondered this. Generally while watching forensics procedurals. I still haven’t recovered from that episode of Bones where Dr. ... Read More  

Greg Sanders in the CSI lab

The CSI Effect: Forensic Fact and Fiction

TV scientists have it so much easier than the ones working cases in the real world. They have unlimited budgets to buy¬†all the shiniest new toys. They dress in designer clothes that never seem to get dirty, despite the ... Read More  

Ross and Rachel in hospital

The One Where Tech Support Watched Friends, and Laughed Hysterically About the Props

So I’ve been re-watching Friends on DVD, which is a thing I do every couple years. I went to high school and university in the 1990s, after all, and I still catch myself using Chandlerisms like “That is so ... Read More