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Doc Brown

If This is the Future, Where’s My Flying Car?

At least ten years away, apparently… Welcome to the future, everyone! A couple quick news bites! I will be on CTV Morning Live at 7:15 am Atlantic time Monday morning, talking about books and how amazing it is to ... Read More  

Back to the Future 2

Lightning Under the Hood, Part 3 – From Cell Phones to Sports Cars

Missed the earlier instalments? Check out Part One – Riker’s Race, and Part Two – The Battery Revolution before reading today’s post.  Remember those brick-sized cell phones from movies in the 1980s? Lithium batteries are the reason we’re no longer carrying them. ... Read More  

back to the 80s

Air Band, Neon, and Giggles: The Link Between Music and Memory

I have a confession to make: I hate radio. Not music – I love music. My life has a running soundtrack that plays in my head. And, okay, quite often breaks out of my head in spontaneous bursts of ... Read More