It Turns Out I Am Bad at Vacation

July 23, 2021

double facepalm memeFirst things first: I am now fully vaxxed – woohooo! – and even though the second dose knocked me flat, I am intensely grateful for it, because next week I get to see my (also vaxxed) Dad and Not-So-Evil-Stepmother for the first time since October 2019.

Go get your vaccines, people. Get your vaccines.

Second things second: it turns out I am really, really bad at vacation, because here’s how my “month off” actually went:

  • Week 1 – Line edits for my next children’s book (coming in 2023!)
  • Week 2 – All the errands, administration, housework, and home improvement projects I’d been ignoring while fighting to make my spring deadlines
  • Week 3 – All the errands, batch cooking for the freezer, and home improvement projects that needed to be out of the way so I’d be ready to go back to work
  • Week 4 – Turned a grant application into a book proposal and sent it off to my agent.

Productivity is a disease, you guys, and I desperately need a vaccine for that, too.

Granted, this kind of thing is much less a problem when “vacation” means “travel.” But since “travel” still sounds pretty risky, and Sasquatch, my 19-year-old codependent cat wouldn’t survive without her fur parents anyway, we did a staycation. “Staycation,” as you probably know, means “answered slightly less email than normal.” Plus all of the aforementioned.

On the upside, I did plant some flowers, hang a bird feeder, and get my first haircut in 9 months. Which, if not entirely relaxing, is at least a step or two in that general direction…

What about you? Do you spend the first half of your vacations catching up and the second half getting ready to go back to “normal” life?

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