How Can We Preserve The Boreal Forest?

June 5, 2020

The boreal forest is a vast and vital wilderness that is worth protecting.Announcements!

Happy World Environment Day! Do something good for planet today – just remember to wash you hands and wear your mask.

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A Boreal Bouquet of Conservation Organizations

Last week we talked about some of the reasons that the boreal forest matters – not just to those of us who live there, but to the entire world. This week, I wanted to draw your attention to some forest and nature focused organizations that you can contact for more information, or if you’d like to get involved in boreal conservation. This is a small sampling of Canadian or provincial organizations based in Ontario (where I currently live). If you’re looking for something closer to you, do a Google – there are a ton of other great groups and resources out there.

Forests Ontario

In addition to general information and ways to get involved, the Forests Ontario website has links to lesson plans, fact sheets, and other forest-activities for families and educators.

Ontario Nature

Ontario Nature has an annual conference AND an annual youth summit. There’s a ton of boreal forest information at this link.

Boreal Songbird Initiative

Birds and bugs and other wildlife! Also some fascinating information about Canadian Indigenous peoples and the boreal forest.

Tree Canada

This one’s for people who want to get their hands dirty and actually plant a tree. They have urban forest programs, too.

Nature Canada

Great info for kids, including a Young Leader Grant. Also info on backyard nature, as well as boreal.

Want to see the boreal forest in person? Parks Canada is a great place to start – you can also check for provincial parks in the boreal forest near you.

Do you know of other organizations that are working to protect the boreal forest? Have suggestions for citizen science projects or other ways “ordinary” people can get involved? Please share your resources in the comments!

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