Fox Cousteau: Intrepid Explorer, Finder of Fun

October 11, 2018

I’d like you all to meet Fox Cousteau:

Fox Cousteau was a gift from one of my Sisters of the Travelling Chocolate.* The same Sister who has told me, on more than one occasion, that I do not have enough fun.* *

Challenge accepted.

It started small. I’d take him with me when I went out exploring my new province and send her a picture of him from wherever I was. But then something happened. Fox Cousteau started to develop… a personality.

This should not have been a surprise. Writer-folk are always talking about their characters taking on lives of their own – why wouldn’t the same be true of the world’s least demanding purse dog? What was a little more surprising is that, rather than tagging along on my adventures, I seem to be tagging along on his! You can follow us on Instagram here.

Suggestions for the Further Adventures of Fox Cousteau are welcome! Share your ideas in the comments. 



* Publish a book about foxes, and receive fox-themed gifts for the rest of your life! Good thing they are cute little critters.

* * She is not wrong about this. Passion for my job + pre-existing workaholic tendencies = never leaving the house

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