Humpbacks Holiday in the Mountains

December 7, 2015

Umm, seamounts, that is. Just in case anyone was confused. šŸ™‚

New research shows thatĀ South Pacific humpbacksĀ take pitstops over sea mountains while migrating to Antarctica to feed.Ā Scientists don’t know yet exactly what the whales are doing there, butĀ I’m guessing it’s the view. That’s why I go, anyway. If I can’t be in the mountains, I want to be in the ocean, and it appears the humpbacksĀ have figured out how to get both at once.

It also appears thatĀ mountain pitstops are unique to South Pacific humpbacks, as so far, whales from other populations appear to book it straight from one end to the other. One reason might be that seamounts are unevenly distributed. Maybe Atlantic humpbacks are in a hurry because there’s nothing interesting to see down there.

Full details on the study are here. And here’s a video of Atlantic humpbacks, purely because it’s cool.

Are you a mountain or an ocean person? Ever seen a humpback whale in real life? Share in the comments!

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  1. I love visiting the ocean (had my feet in 3 of the 4) and I could watch waves crashing for hours… but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountains!!! Hiking, skiing, kayaking, camping… Alberta’s mountains ROCK!!

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    1. Welcome, Sister of the Traveling Chocolate! I told you you could figure out how to comment. šŸ™‚

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