Fuzzy Forensics on Sale!

November 10, 2015

As many readers of this blog will already know, the original publisher of Fuzzy Forensics went out of business last summer. Before that happened, the company had ordered a full print run – over a thousand copies, a mix of hardcover and paperback. When I got my rights back, those print copies became mine… and I’m having a sale!

In Canada, it costs more to mail a single book than the book itself is worth. So if you’re interested in one or two copies, your best bet is to order from Chapters or Amazon or your local indie (Fox Talk is available to order at Chapters and Amazon, too). But if you’re interested in ten or more copies, for classrooms, science camps, birthday party loot bags… I’m your girl. Contact me for 25% off, no tax, free shipping. Thanks to the magic of the Square reader, I take credit cards.

I don’t expect to profit from this sale – I just want to find these books good homes. So even if you’re not personally interested, please consider helping me spread the word. Karma points and digital chocolate will be yours!


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