Happy Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!

January 31, 2015

Among other things, including National Hot Chocolate Day and Eat Brussels Sprouts Day (a juxtaposition so full of irony I can’t even stand it), January 31 is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day.

This lovely image courtesy of CC MacKenzie via Flickr

This lovely image courtesy of CC MacKenzie via Flickr

Some say the thing that separates humans from the other animals is consciousness, or language, or the ability to use tools, but I disagree (especially since research has shown that none of those things are unique to Homo sapiens). I think it’s art – the drive to create something that never existed, to express what it means to be human – that really sets us apart. The form of the expression, be it film or dance or sculpture or graffiti or even building a sand castle, is incidental – all of these are equally valid, because what we have to say is far more important than how we go about saying it.

So this weekend, I’m going to fill my heart by immersing myself in the act of creation. I’m going to bake a delicious cake, re-watch a favourite movie, admire beautiful photographs, cross-stitch, sing along and bust out some dance moves. By Monday, I’ll have new inspiration and new hope to bring to a new artistic venture – the writing of my very first novel.

How will you seek inspiration this weekend? What art forms do you practice or admire? What piece of art – in any form – touched your soul in a way you still can’t explain? 

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  1. I have developed a liking for Brussels sprouts….
    Funny how age changes your perception and preferences. There are times I enjoy getting lost in a good book (as a teenager I always imagined I’d write one). I enjoy knitting or sewing on occasion (feels like I’m being productive), and although it’s been years since I picked up my pallet, I used to love oil painting. And if this all isn’t too ‘Suzie homemaker’ enough, I also love to pole dance. No, not that kind…I’d starve to death…but the kind that allows you to absorb a piece of music and create a piece of sensual and femine magic, and just for me and just for the moment. Ever had a song move you to movement?
    I wonder what within us has this need to create and why we feel so complete when we ‘do’.

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    1. Age has definitely changed my food tastes – I now love mustard and peppers, but I still can’t get behind the Brussels sprouts!

      I don’t know what it is that compels us to create, whatever form that creation takes. But when my body insists on dancing, there’s always a feeling of joy and celebration – that I have a body and it can move and that I’m connected to something beyond myself. Maybe that’s all it is – the need for connection.

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