Book News and Serious Fangirling

October 2, 2014

Big news today!

1) Amazing Feats of Civil Engineering is now available for purchase! Because it’s intended for the educational market, your local independent may not have it in stock, but you can order through Amazon and the publisher.

2) Another book went off to my editor yesterday, so I’m treating myself to a couple days off before I start the second book on the contract. More details to come, but it’s a technology series for very young readers, and quite challenging to write.




*happy dances around the office*


I am so honoured that a celebrated scientist and highly prolific author of books I love found the time to read MY book. And I’m utterly overwhelmed by the very idea that she actually liked it. On the “awesome moments in my career” list, this ranks right up there with snuggling domestic foxes.

What about you? Are you a fan of Reich’s scientific or literary work? Who’s on your fangirl list?

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