It’s Unclear Which of Us is Having More Fun

September 18, 2014

Tech Support is on the road this week (he fixes other people’s tech, too), and last night he sent me this picture from his hotel room:

no popcorn

Way to take the fun out of it, guys.

I’m still trying to suss out the reason for this policy. Is popcorn a fire hazard, because people keep pressing the “potato” button instead? Or is it just because the smell of buttery deliciousness exuding from room 314 causes seething resentment among the rest of the guests?

While he’s dealing with his popcornless existence, I’m dealing with this:

How to tell when a writer has a deadline

How to tell when a writer has a deadline

That bottle by the monitor contains water, not liquor. That way, if I succeed in reaching the elusive flow state, I don’t have to get up and go downstairs to the kitchen to get some arsenic-free water from the R/O tap (we’re on a well).

How’s your week going? Having more fun than we are?

4 Comments on ‘It’s Unclear Which of Us is Having More Fun’

  1. Where does caring for a newborn with a broken ankle rank? To be clear, I have a broken ankle, not the newborn.

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    1. You win. But then, you usually do have a better story than everyone else – just one of the reasons that my memoir will be based on your life, not mine. 🙂

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  2. No popcorn?! I bet people burn it. I prefer my water without arsenic, too. Just sayin’! 😉

    Tell Tech Support I said hello from Texas!

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  3. I sure will! I found out the Eagles are playing in Austin next month and I’d love to be there for it, but the travel money is long gone. Will totally let you know next time we come down, though!

    Ah yes, the arsenic. Small price to pay for water that tastes better than bottled. 🙂

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