What I Wish I Was Doing Right Now

February 22, 2014



Instead, I’m up to my neck in revisions and photo research for my next project, I signed up for a web conference that I don’t have time to actually take, and my filing cabinet has exploded all over my floor. No sunny outdoor adventures for me today. 🙁

What are you up to this weekend? Feel free to rub it in – that’s what the comment section is for!

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  1. What am I doing? I’m watching a crow slide down a roof on a jar lid. I’m watching it over and over and laughing every time.
    What I SHOULD be doing is finishing a 12,000-word nonfiction book that’s due to the publisher in a week … and starting a bio for the same publisher that’s due in a month … and editing two book-length manuscripts for clients …
    but watching the crow is MUCH more fun!
    Think I’ll go play with my parrot now.

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    1. Lol! Well, I’m glad I could be your bad influence today. Hope your projects are going well. 🙂

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