Six Signs Your Cat Wants a Snuggle. Now. OK, How About Now? No Really, Now.

October 3, 2013

stretch jag TN

Hey Mom, look what I can do!

1) She stands next to your chair crying and tapping you with her paw. For an hour.

2) She does something impossibly cute, then shoots you a glance to see if you noticed.

cat on papers

Oh, were you using these? Because it looked like you were done.

3) Out of all the pieces of paper on your desk, she chooses to sit on the one you’re trying to read.

4) She head butts your leg, then falls over as if her bones have evaporated and the only way to save her is with scritches.

5) She manages to climb into a lap that’s not actually there and purrs so aggressively, you can feel the vibration in your bones.

6) She scratches your carpet, furniture, or leg, but the second you try to scold her, looks at you like this:

Puss in Boots

I only did it because I love you.

How does your cat (or dog) tell you it’s time for a snuggle?

3 Comments on ‘Six Signs Your Cat Wants a Snuggle. Now. OK, How About Now? No Really, Now.’

  1. Don’t currently have a cat or dog, but the way my parrot tells me I’m not providing sufficient attention is to fly to the back of my chair, grasp the shoulder of my shirt in her beak, and tug. If I don’t respond promptly enough, she flutters down to my desk, grabs the papers I’m working on, and throws them on the floor.

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  2. Nothing like a parrot temper tantrum! At least she’s direct. 🙂

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