I Survived Science Literacy Week… Mostly


It was Science Literacy Week last week, a Canada wide celebration of science and science books. *emerges from whirlwind* *plucks twigs from hair* *empties biscuit crumbs from pockets* *collapses in heap*   I visited one school and three branches of the Halifax Public Libraries. Altogether, nearly 300 kids (and a few grown ups) helped me rock out to “What Does the Fox Say?”. Then, we compared videos of wild and domesticated foxes, and did a live human-animal communication experiment with special guest dogs from Therapeutic Paws of Canada. It. Was. Awesome. I got sick about three seconds later. Totally worth it. *crawls...

Word on the Street!

I’m at Word on the Street today, at the Halifax Central Library. If you’re in town, come check out this amazing free literary festival. I’ll be reading at 2pm in the BMO Community Room. Stop by and say hello! For more info on the festival, click here.

I Have Fat Arms… And Other Myths Perpetuated by the Fashion Industry

My girly biceps raised in protest.

Earlier this week, Kristen Lamb wrote a blog post about the fashion industry’s unwillingness to believe that 90% of women are not, in fact, waif-thin teenagers. Every woman I know has a story about the time she tried to buy clothes and wound up crying in frustration and despair. I am one of the luckier ones – except for a few years in grad school, when a combo of antidepressants, undiagnosed food allergies, and unhealthy lifestyle caused me to gain 30 pounds in 6 months, I’ve always been in the middle of the BMI. But I have a cross to...