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cover of The Boreal Forest by L. E. Carmichael

The Boreal Forest: A Year in the World’s Largest Land Biome

Grade 3-6
Released in 2020

The vast boreal forest spans a dozen countries in the northern regions like "a scarf around the neck of the world," making it the planet's largest land biome. Besides providing homes for a diversity of species, this spectacular forest is also vitally important to the planet: its trees clean our air, its wetlands clean our water and its existence plays an important role in slowing global climate change. In this beautifully written book, award-winning author L. E. Carmichael explores this special wilderness on a tour of the forest throughout the four seasons, from one country to another. Evocative watercolour and collage artwork by award-winning illustrator Josée Bisaillon provides a rare glimpse of one of the world's most magnificent places.

How Can We Reduce Agricultural Pollution? by L.E. Carmichael - Front Cover

How Can We Reduce Agricultural Pollution?

Grade 3-5
Released in 2016
Subject Areas: ,

Everyone needs to eat, yet farming is a major cause of pollution around the world. But did you know that certain types of farming create less pollution than others? Or that some types of waste can be made into energy? Investigate what we can do to reduce agricultural pollution.