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L. E. Carmichael holds an arctic fox skull at Science Rendezvous Kingston

Sharing STEM at Science Rendezvous

Apparently Science Rendezvous Kingston was SIX WEEKS ago, and I haven’t posted about it yet?! In my defence, COVID took up two of those weeks. I’d managed to avoid catching it up to this point, but after getting up ... Read More  

Counting on Katherine, by Helaine Becker

STEMinism Sunday: Women in Space

In honour of the recent, first-ever, all-female spacewalk, I thought I'd share three recent, amazing Canadian kids' books united by the theme of women in space. Read More  

Ishta Mercurio

Cantastic Authorpalooza: Ishta Mercurio

I wrote the first draft of SMALL WORLD in 2011. When I tell people that, they always pause. I can see the gears working in their minds: am I THAT BAD at this writing thing? Read More  

Bite Into Bloodsuckers book cover

Bite Into Bloodsuckers – Like Vampire Bats!

Want more creepy good bloodsucking facts? Check out Bite Into Bloodsuckers by Kari-Lynn Winters and Ishta Mercurio – perfect for the ghoulish 10-year old in your life! Read More  

Lane Anderson award winners, 2014

Fuzzy Forensics Wins the Lane Anderson Award!

If you’ve been anywhere near me on social media this week, of course, you already know this. By the time I made it back to my hotel room after the dinner where the announcement was made, author friends┬áhad already ... Read More  

Lindsey Carmichael and Shannon Hale

Reflections on the SCBWI Summer Conference

I sat in a bustling, cavernous ballroom, pen in hand, poised to capture enough knowledge to improve my writing and enough energy to get me through the next Canadian winter. It was my first time at the SCBWI Summer ... Read More  

cat napping in laundry basket

One Lovely Blog Tour

Writer-friend Janet Givens has tagged me to take part in the One Lovely Blog Tour. Here are the rules: 1) Thank and tag the person who nominated you (thanks, Janet!). 2) Share seven things about yourself. 3) Nominate the ... Read More  

boy holding a protest sign demanding peer review

Captain Underpants and the Quest for Science Literacy

I’ve been spreading this video around the interwebs since writer-friend Ishta Mercurio first uploaded it to YouTube, because it really is completely perfect. So for this edition of Mad Scientist Monday, here it is again: So what do you ... Read More