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Lake Myvatn, in Iceland's boreal forest, is famous for flies! In summer, up to 50,000 fly larvae swarm in every square metre of lake bed.

Iceland’s Boreal Forest: Birds, Bugs, and… Vikings?

Here's a sidebar that I'd originally planned to include on pages 20-21: Iceland's Lake Myvatn is famous—for flies! In summer, up to 50,000 fly larvae hide in every 1 m2 (1.2 y2) of lake bed. Many birds eat these larvae, ... Read More  


I’m Back!

So this is what I did for Christmas: As you can see, the water in the Dominican Republic was considerably warmer than that in Iceland, the site of my last snorkel adventure: I’ve been off work for a while ... Read More  

snorkeling in Iceland

Snorkelling Between the Continents

So this is what I was doing last week – snorkelling in Iceland’s Silfra fissure, which runs through a lava field in the place where the North American and European tectonic plates are pulling apart at a rate of 1-3 cm (~1 ... Read More