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Lindt bunnies and eggs

Top Five Signs It Might Actually Be Spring

Yesterday was the vernal equinox –¬†the day with equal hours of light and darkness that marks the coming of spring. “Equal” being an approximate term, of course, depending on your latitude. At this time last year, my particular latitude ... Read More  

new releases by L. E. Carmichael

Author Copies – Woohoo!

So I got home from New York to find these waiting for me: And then my Public Lending Right payment came. Which means¬†good news all around. Both books are for ages 8-12, and are on sale now through your ... Read More  

National Geographic Extreme Explorer cover

Book Birthdays (And Mine, Too!)

It’s my birthday this week, and what better way to celebrate than with books? That I wrote. Heeheehee! But wait, there’s more!     And, as the frosting on the awesome cake…   My first article for National Geographic ... Read More