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Lindsey presents on forensic science

Back to School = AUUUUUGGGH!

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when proud┬ákindergardeners and tearful parents say goodbye. The time of new clothes and annual teeth cleanings, and mattresses piled up outside of college dorms. The time when my schedule goes ... Read More  

Jagular taking a nap

Rainy Thursday Syndrome

There’s a distinct whiff of fall in the air today, and a more-than-distinct whiff of wet. What is it about waking up on a grey and rainy day that┬ámakes it so hard to get stuff done? Then again, the ... Read More  

French Braid - Free Short Story for Young Adults by L.E. Carmichael

Six Things I Love About Back to School Time

1) It’s a new year! Yes, yes, I recognize that by a tradition that makes no astronomical sense, we celebrate New Year’s in December. But I did 12 years of regular school, 11 years of post-secondary, and now work ... Read More