All-Canadian Updates for I Read Canadian Day

November 8, 2023

Happy I Read Canadian Day, everybody! If you’re not familiar, today is the day we celebrate Canadian stories by reading a Canadian book for 15 minutes. All forms of reading count, and you certainly don’t have to stop after 15 minutes. Goodness knows I never do!

This IRCD, I’ll be celebrating with Weird Rules to Follow by Kim Spencer. Kim’s book has won and been nominated for most of the major literary awards in Canada, and I can’t wait to check it out.

On to other news! 

Mr. Peanut's tomato plant.Mr. Peanut’s Garden Report

Remember Mr. Peanut, our intrepid chipmunk gardener? Well. Tech Support and I spent most of September in Newfoundland. A few days after we got home, we discovered an absolutely massive tomato plant in our flower garden. This was a surprise for two reasons:

  1. The tomato plant had gone from seed to sapling in just three weeks. In September.
  2. Neither Tech Support nor I had planted vegetables in the flower garden.

As of this morning, Mr. Peanut’s tomato plant has actual tomatoes on it. At this point, it seems unlikely they will ripen before the frost comes, but maybe the chipmunk knows something we don’t…

Free Public Reading for North/West Passages

I’ll be one of the featured readers for the North/West Passages reading series on November 28. Other writers at the event include Leslie Greentree, Lexi Angelo, Meghan J. Ward, and kid lit super star (and author of books about stars) Joan Marie Galat.

It’s a free, virtual event – stay tuned for registration info! 


UPDATED: The event is November 28 at 6 PM Mountain Time. Click here to register!

Polar is a Eureka! Nonfiction Award Honor Book

Huge thanks to the California Reading Association for naming Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth a 2023 Eureka! Awards Honor Book!! There’s some incredible nonfiction on the list, so be sure to check out all of this year’s winners and honor books. Especially if you’re already working on your holiday gift lists.

Speaking of which…

Polar Makes the Indigo Christmas Gift Guide!

I am beyond thrilled to share that Polar is also featured in the IndigoKids Christmas Gift Guide! This would be incredible news for any author, but it’s particularly special for me.

Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth makes the IndigoKids 2023 gift guide!That’s because my first job out of graduate school was children’s bookseller at Chapters in St. Albert, Alberta. Not because of the dismal academic job market (though it is, indeed, dismal), but simply because I was exhausted, and my long-stifled inner writer just wanted to be near the books all day.

That particular Chapters was a lot like your favourite indie bookstore – staffed by people who were passionate about finding the perfect book for every reader. Working there helped me understand the retail end of the publishing industry, and gave me eye-opening insights into the way people shop for and select books – for themselves, and for young readers. In short, a fantastic experience for any budding author… even if it did take me ten more years to finish reading all the books I bought with my staff discount!

So yes – an Indigo seal of approval on a book that I actually wrote? That’s the best holiday gift I could have received.

Are you celebrating I Read Canadian Day? Already planning ahead to the holidays? I’d love to hear your updates, too.


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