When Was the Last Time You Played?

February 25, 2022

If you’ve got young kids, probably pretty recently. If you don’t?

Was it pre-COVID? Longer?

For me, definitely longer. I am a responsible, disciplined, goal-oriented adult. It has been so long since I played that when people ask me what I do for fun, I actually have to stop and think about it.

“Fun? What is this “fun” of which you speak?”

This year, I am on a quest to down-regulate the stress and up-regulate the fun, in hopes of approaching that thing people call “balance.” Honestly, I’d settle for tamping down my anxiety to a murmur instead of a roar.

Either way. For me, one key skill is going to be remembering how to play. Here’s where I started:


I haven’t done a somersault since I was probably 8 years old. Doing something silly and childlike and unambiguously playful in my body felt AMAZING* and I recommend it, with or without supportive friends watching on Zoom!

What about you? How do you play? I am taking suggestions. Bonus points for physical activities which also down-regulate the stress hormones!


*Also a little rough on my neck – next time I’ll tuck my head under a bit more before I start. Pro tip. 😉


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